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Notes from October 12, 2009 Board of Aldermen Meeting

October 29, 2009

First of all, apologies for posting this information nearly two weeks late, to say it’s been hectic around here would be an understatement.

The meeting began at 6:00 pm at which time the Mayor called the meeting to order, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and roll call. Aldermen Lacy, McCain and Southwick were present with Alderman Sear noted as absent.

Next the Board approved the minutes from the previous month’s meeting, followed by approving the City expeditures.

During this period we were directed to an unclaimed property list that was included in our packet. Below are the names of the Citizens, their last known address and the amount owed to them:

Susan Ballard, 509 1’st St. Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $2.11

Don Barks Jr.   112 Ellen St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed-$1.26

Charles Brannon 710 High St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed-$19.73

Ben Burford 505 North St. , Marble Hill, Mo. owed-$42.27

Mathew Burke 602 High St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $37.49

Gary Clark 103 Highland St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $45.60

Misty Crader 506 Third St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed – $4.51

Danielle Davidson 104 Hopkins St., Marble Hill, Mo owed- $37.49

Linda Debeaux 103 Highland St. #3, Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $22.49

Dena Estes 103 Church St. , Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $37.86

Martha Evens 208 Plutarch St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $7.89

Jaala Floyd 504 Union St. Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $75.00

Robert Grant 106 Hwy 51 S., Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $27.96

James Hafele 705 Union St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed-$1.97

Jason Hennessy 102 Opossum Creek Road, Marble Hill , Mo. owed-16 cents

David Hughes 205 Lutes St. , Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $ 45.60

Siara Hulvey 102 Wesbecher Lane, Marble Hill, Mo. owed $63.75

Jerry L. James  102 Broad St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $2.49

Valerie Leadbetter 303 N First St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $5.88

Milford Long 608 HIgh St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed-  47 cents

Rachael Mace 704 Union St., Marble Hill, Mo.  owed- $3.69

Angela Massa 110 Glen St. Marble Hill, Mo.  owed- $21.08

Gladys Massa 103 Higland St. #5, Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $12.20

Angela Mayberry no address available ,  owed- $75.00

Meghan Medley 504 Crown St. , Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $ 53.45

Gerry Roberson 404 North St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed – $ 75.00

Victor Self Sr. 304 Opossum Creek Rd. , Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $37.49

Amanda Sotelo 206 Graham St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $ 13.61

Joseph Stause   103 Highland St. #5, Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $ 8.61

Cindy Stevens 206 South St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $ 75.00

Rochelle Summers 600 East Main St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $ 2.39

Melissa Thele 211 N. First St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $ 33.75

Doyle Webb  106 Sample St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed – $ 41.03

Kimberly Woodruff 108 Glen St., Marble Hill, Mo. owed- $22.22


If your name is included in the list above and you think that you are owed money by the State of Missouri or the City of Marble Hill you can call City Hall at: 573-238-3622


Write to:



P.O. BOX 1272


In other news the Board unanimously agreed to grant a water rate adjustment to a town citizen. The meter was showing that an enormous amount of water had been used for the prior month, but an investigation by the City Clerk revealed that she consitently uses her water conservatively and no explanation for the leak could be found. Assistant City Administrator Gary Shrum stated that water meters are mechanical and it was possible that it simply malfunctioned.

Shirley Ryan of the Bollinger County Veterans Memorial Wall organization made a presentation to the Board, with three different plans and the size of the wall, asking the Board if they could place the memorial in Railroad Park.

A motion was granted to give tentative approval to the organization provided the group reports to the Board on a quarterly basis and the measure was passed unanimously.

Assistant Administrator Gary Shrum gave his report which included the following items:

  • Two major water leaks were repaired and one water main replaced.
  • MoDoT has made a request to be hooked up for sewer service.
  • A basketball goal ws ordered and will be placed at the pavilion at the ball park. (The optimist club donated $400 towards the purchase).
  • The merry go round has been ordered by the County Health Dept, and when delivered will be installed in Twin City Park.
  • Work has begun on the repairs to the ball park infield.
  • Received complaints about strong chlorine taste in Ward I water this was due to the temporarily increase chlorine levels in lines because of recent repairs.
  • Trying to locate a good used tractor to replace old one.
  • Ordered a load of salt in preparation for this winter
  • Received information on a grant to cover engineering fees on a water analysis and inspection.
  • St. Louis Broadband is in the running for Stimulus funds and cellular services for remote areas in Southeast Missouri and have been endorsed by many area counties and cities for future services, if they are successful in gaining the funds.   If successful they will offer free tower usage for emergency, city and police services. They are currently looking at a total of six towers in Bollinger County.
  • Poll has been winterized.


I contacted Perryville Outdoor Equipment and found the City a NEW 40 HP Kioti tractor with front wheel assist and a front end loader for just over $18,000.  Assistant Administrator Shrum went to Perryville to look at the tractor and the last time I talked to the mayor the City was going to purchase it. Below is what the tractor  looks  like.

 I did some checking and Kioti tractors are rated very high by people who have purchased them and considered to be high -quality, dependable, affordable and versatile.

The next meeting will be Monday, Nov. 9th , 2009 @ 6:00 pm, at the Marble Hill City Hall.

Clint E. Lacy

Ward I Alderman

Marble Hill.






Notes from Public Hearing / September Board Meeting

September 16, 2009

A public hearing was held at the Marble Hill City Hall on Sept. 14, 2009 at 5:30 pm to gain public input on setting the tax rate for the City of Marble Hill.  Currently the tax rate for the General Revenue fund is $ .4918 and the tax rate for Parks and Recreation is at  $ .1229. 

Bill No. 09-18 would raise the tax rate for the General Revenue fund to $ .4978 and the Parks and Recreation tax rate to $.1244 

There was no input from the public. 

The Public Hearing for setting the City tax rate started at 5:34 pm and ended at 5:38 pm. 

Next a public hearing was held for rezoning property owned by Kenneth Liley from RI to CI. There was no input from the public. 

The Public Hearing for rezoning started at 5:34 pm and ended at 5:38 pm. 

At 6:00 pm the Board of Aldermen met in regular session. 

First on the agenda was the approval of the minutes from the August meeting at which time I found an error in the record of how I voted concerning a lawsuit against AT&T for back taxes owed to the City. The minutes showed that I voted against the measure and I stated that I had voted for the measure.  City Clerk Carla Watt said she would correct the mistake and the minutes were approved. 

The Board then approved the City’s expenditures list, which Assistant Administrator Shrum noted was missing the bill to Jokerst and Smith and Company for payment completed on the Hurricane Creek Project.  The Board approved these expenditures later in the meeting. 

City Clerk Carla Watt brought good news to the Board, while going through the City records she found a check from Bollinger County Insurance for $2,500.00 written for a return on premium for vehicles that had been sold by the City. 

The other was a check from Bollinger County Insurance for $500.00 for fire equipment. 

One of the checks was written in 2007, and Mr. Houchins was kind enough to rewrite the checks for the City. 

In other news the Board approved a combined city revenue and expenditures report and to buy newspaper space to place the report in the Banner Press. 

Ordinance 09-18  which would have set the City tax rate for the General Revenue Fund at:  $.4918 and the City’s Parks and Recreation tax rate at: $ .1229

The measure failed with Aldermen McCain and Sear voting for the measure and myself voting against it and Alderman Southwick being absent. The Mayor stated that the measure would be reintroduced at a later date. I voted against the measure because  earlier in the day I called State Auditor Susan Montee’s office and talked with Becky Webb, who told me that we did not have to set the tax rate at the percentage listed on the letter, we just couldn’t set it highter than the suggested tax rate. I felt that after nearly losing Crown Chevrolet earlier this summer, I wanted to give the citizens and businesses every advantage possible in this economic downturn. 

Ordinance 09-19, which would rezone property owned by Kenneth Liley passed unanimously. 

During Assistant Administrator Shrum’s report, Mr. Shrum stated that he will soon be meeting with Melissa from the Health Department who reports that they have been awarded $5000.00 to be used in the Parks. Mr. Shrum stated that the Health Department would like to purchase a 10’ Merry Go Round for Twin City Park, which costs $6113.00. The Health Department wanted to know if the City would pay the $1,291.96 difference. A vote was taken and the money was unanimously approved for the new play ground equipment. 

Assistant Administrator Shrum also brought news that the City’s old fire truck was sold to the Puxico Fire Department for $40,000.00 

Mr. Shrum also stated that Leo Vandermeiren, owner of the old “Burn Biscuit” restaurant building stated that the sidewalk stair next to the structure is funneling water into the building and that Mr. Vandermeiren wanted to fix the problem, which he estimates will cost $631.00 in materials. Shrum stated that if the City would agree to purchase the materials, Mr. Vandermeiren would provide the labor.  The issue was voted upon and passed unanimously.

 Also included in Mr. Shrum’s report was the fact that the City needed a new maintenance tractor. The current tractor was manufactured in the 1950’s and the engine is on its “last leg”.   Mr. Shrum stated that he has searched extensively for a replacement tractor and the best buy he has found is a Foton 50 hp  tractor  for $14,000, which includes a front loader, back blade and brush hog. 

Last but not least Assistant Administrator Shrum stated that Mr. Sayer , owner of Eagle Metal Products located on Hwy 34 W complained of a water leak. Mr. Sayer feels that the City water meter was installed improperly which caused the leak on his line. 

Pictures of the meter show that the meter is very old, and the Board felt that the meter was not the problem. City policy is that any water leak from the meter to the city water line is the responsibility of the City.  Any water line on the property owners land is the responsibility of the owner.  At the end of the discussion the Board opted for what we feel is the fair solution to the problem.  If Mr. Sayer agrees to buy the parts to fix the leaking line, the City will provide the labor. 

Assistant Administrator Shrum concluded his report by stating Smith and Company should have the final proposed plan for the dedicated water line which will run from the water tank to the elevated water tower in Ward I ( old Lutesville) which should solve the low water pressure in that area. 

The Board went into executive session at 07:15 pm to discuss personnel matters. At 07;53 pm the Board reconvened in regular session at which time a motion was made and seconded to promote Officer Scott Shaffer to the position of Assistant Chief of Police. The Board then took a vote and passed the measure unanimously. Officer Shaffer’s hours and pay will remain the same.

A motion was then made and seconded to increase Officer Detmer’s pay by 25 cents per hour. (This should have been done when the rate of pay for the officers was set earlier this year) The measure passed unanimously. 

In new business Alderman Sear stated that he had been in contact with a citizen who had purchased a $50.00 coupon book last year to be used at the City Pool but due to the late opening and early closing due to lack of patrons she was only able to use $8.00 worth of coupons.

 A motion was made and seconded to reimburse the citizen the amount of $42.00 and the motion passed unanimously. 

Next I made my report of new business. Assistant Administrator Shrum had received some complaints from some businesses on 1’st St. (Hwy 51) in Ward I and I stated that I had talked to one officer about the need for more patrols in this area and would talk to the others as well.

 I also asked when a small section of Central Ave could be paved to help divert storm run off water to the new storm water drain on that street. I was told it could be done when Pellegrino Park is repaved. 

I also presented the Board with a model pamphlet for the Adopt a Block proposal. City Attorney Stephen Gray stated earlier in the meeting that he sees no legal restrictions that would prevent the City from implementing the program. 

The Board members expressed approval for the proposal and I will soon be contacting churches and organizations to set a “kick off” date. 

Last I addressed the need to widen two hills on Englehart Ln due to the fact they present a safety hazard. Some discussion followed and the possibility of making Englehart Ln. a one-way street was brought up but was dismissed.  In the end the Board agreed to explore widening the street on the two hills and that I would talk to local property owners about this idea. 

Alderman McCain proposed issuing City stickers for vehicle owners within City limits to ensure that personal property taxes are paid. 

A motion was made to again go into Executive Session. The motion was seconded and all were in favor of doing so. The Board went into Executive Session at 08:38 pm to discuss legal matters and returned to regular session at 08:47pm. 

The regular session meeting ended at 08:48 pm.

Board of Aldermen Meeting to be rescheduled

June 9, 2009

The City of Marble Hill, Board of Aldermen Meeting was cancelled Monday due to the fact that a quorum was not present. The meeting will have to be rescheduled due to the fact that two aldermen were not present for the meeting.

It is at this time I would like to state that I understand there will be times when an alderman will not be able to make all the meetings. I myself have not been able to make all of them due to scheduling conflicts with work. That being said, a great many people were inconvenienced tonight because two of the aldermen did not call City Hall ahead of time.

Mr. Eddie Cook brought his back hoe to City Hall so that the Board of Aldermen could inspect it, before deciding whether or not to purchase the piece of equipment.

Mr. J.D. Goodwin , came to the meeting to discuss making trash rates more affordable for local businesses.

A representative from the Missouri Department of Transportation came to our City Hall to discuss speed limit studies on Highway 34 West.

Stephanie Watkins of the Bollinger County Soccer League also attended the meeting along with Paula Bridges of the Bollinger County Recycling Project and Linda Redeffer of the Banner Press newspaper.

Hopefully these people who took time out of their busy schedule to visit us at City Hall will be able to return when the meeting is rescheduled.

Alderman Clint E. Lacy

Ward I.

Latest News…

January 25, 2009

The City of Marble Hill recently purchased this 2005 Chevy Trailblazer from Lutesville Motor Company in Marble Hill for $8,150. During the January 12, 2009  Board of Alderman meeting  Officer Dettmer of the Marble Hill Police Department approached the Board seeking approval to buy a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer to replace the 1997 MH#4 police car, stating that the City sometimes has to assist the County on calls and that given the fact of the terrain of the City the Police Department needs a four wheel drive vehicle during inclement weather.

Notes from January 12, 2009 Public Hearing & Board Meeting…

The City of Marble Hill, Jan 12, Board of Aldermen Meeting began at 6:00 pm with Mayor Masterson wishing the Aldermen, Staff and Citizens a happy and productive new year. A roll call confirmed that all aldermen were present and the Board approved the previous months minutes.

Next Jim Eftink, CPA gave a presentation to the Board. Perhaps Mayor Masteron’s wish for “happy” and “productive” New Year might be coming true. According to Eftink, the City of Marble Hill’s revenue, (through sales and fuel taxes) have been increasing during a time when many communities are seeing a decline in revenue.

Next Catherine Walters from Rural Development approached the Board stating that recently the City had applied for a grant for a new tornado siren, however she found that the City is in a very unusual position, because according to median household income of the residents, the City qualifies for the grant, however; Walters stated that, “The City is doing very well financially compared to other cities in the area” and therefore did not qualify for the grant.

Walters stated that the City could form a non for profit organization and would qualify for a loan to purchase the new siren at an interest rate of 4.5%.

At 6:29 pm the Board of Aldermen went into closed session to discuss legal matters. Unfortunately, that is all I can say about this given the fact that State law forbids me from disclosing the details of the meeting.

Regular session reconvened at 7:27 pm and the Marble Hill Fire Department made a presentation to the Board of Alderman about purchasing a new fire engine. Representing the fire department were Jim Bollinger, Calvin Troxle, Darrell Schell and Kenny Simmons.

The Fire Department is seeking to replace Engine #1 which is a 1989 model and has been in service for 20 years. The Fire Department has stated that the engine is underpowered and no longer meets the department’s needs.

Troxle stated that the Fire Department has found a 1995 fire engine located in Springfield , Va. That can be purchased for $79,900 and that they would like to finance the engine through People’s Bank for $87,000, the extra money being used to make some moderate upgrades to the new engine such as lettering, new headsets and additional fire hoses.

Troxle added that the new engine included a fully enclosed , belted cab which would be a safety feature for fire department members as well as a 20% increase in pumping capacity and a diesel generator.

The yearly payment on the old engine is $12,320 and will be paid off in July. The yearly payment on the new engine would be $19,918, however; the Fire Department plans to sell the old engine for $50,000, reapply that money to refinance the loan on the new engine which would bring the new payment down to an estimated $10,000 per year.

The Fire Department then sought the approval to travel to Springfield, Va, to look at the engine, and purchase it if it meets their approval. Pictures show that it is in excellent condition, but the members wanted to inspect it in person, asking only to be reimbursed for the fuel it takes them to travel there and back.

Darrell Shell stated that the Fire Department $1,500 per month from the County and the MHFD has an obligation to protect the County’s citizens. He also said he wanted to show the County that the department is being responsible with the money it receives from them.

Alderman Sear made a motion to approve the trip and purchase of the engine and Alderman Lacy seconded.

A vote was taken and the measure was unanimously approved.

Officer Dettmer of the Marble Hill Police Department approached the Board seeking approval to buy a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer to replace the 1997 MH#4 police car, stating that the City sometimes has to assist the County on calls and that given the fact of the terrain of the City the Police Department needs a four wheel drive vehicle during inclement weather.

In addition the MH #4 car would be used as a City Vehicle for the City Hall staff which currently uses their personal vehicles to run City errands.

Dettmer said that Lutesvill Ford is asking $9,900 for the vehicle, but he thinks that the dealership will work with the City and come down on the price considerably. Dettmer also emphasized the importance of buying locally, which given some though, I would have to agree with him, (perhaps that is one reason that the City of Marble Hill is doing better financially than other communities in the area?)

The Board gave their permission for Officer Dettmer to negotiate on the price for the dealer, but not before I raised what I feel is a very valid point stating that, “We have just given approval for the purchase of an $87,000 fire engine, and we are discussing approving the purchase of a four wheel drive vehicle for the Police Department , which I am not opposed to. However; there are still several areas in which City Maintenance projects are not getting completed in a timely manner, for instance at 709 Third Street there is a fire hydrant that has been leaking for six months. Then there’s the storm water project on Central Ave. The pipes are stacked next to the road, but the project still isn’t finished, things need to start being fixed around here in a timely manner”

I added that last year we approved a 7% raise for the maintenance department and if the public doesn’t start seeing some progress they’re not going to be so supportive of these purchases.

At this point a spirited debate began between myself and Alderman McCain, at which point I informed Alderman McCain that I was elected to represent citizens in Ward I and when a citizen has a complaint it is my job to bring it to City Hall.

McCain responded by stating, “Yes and it is also your job to make the citizens understand why the have to wait longer than they want to, in order to get problems fixed”.

I responded by stating, “They shouldn’t have to wait six months”.

A discussion soon ensued by the Board members and it was agreed that as soon as the weather warms up, the hydrant would be replaced on Third Street, and gave approval for overtime pay to make sure the job gets done.

Assistant Administrator Shrum again made a presentation to the Board stating that somehow the City did not renew their FCC license and that the maintenance workers are having trouble communicating because the frequency was assigned to the City of Scott City.

Shrum stated that in order to apply for a new FCC license, the City would be assigned a new “narrow band” frequency and unfortunately the City maintenance department’s hand held radios are too old to pick up the new narrow bands, so in addition to renewing the City’s FCC license , the City will have to purchase new radios.

Shrum then stated that he has received numerous complaints about barking dogs and the ordinance needs to be revisited {again}.

I stated that if the City worried half as much about our water and sewer lines as it does about barking dogs, maybe our water and sewer lines would be replaced by now.

Assistant Administrator Shrum discussed was the request that Mr. Kenney Brown made about cutting down three trees that borders his property and one of the City’s streets. The Board was informed that the trees are very large and if they were to ever fall on the streets, it would do major damage to the street as well as a water line that runs under it. Shrum said that Mr. Brown was concerned given last year’s ice storms and requested that the City pay half the costs of removing the trees. The Board agreed with the stipulation that the contractor had to be licensed and bonded.

Last on Shrum’s presentation was a request by the Bank of Missouri , located at the intersections of Hwy’s 34 & 51 for a street light. Shrum stated that Black River Electric Cooperative would install the light, but needed the Board’s approval to do so.

The Board agreed it would be a good idea because it would also help light the intersection that the bank is located next to.

Alderman Jimmy Sear made the motion to approve the measure which was seconded by Alderman Southwick and approved unanimously.

In new business, Mayor Masterson stated that he has contacted the County Commission about assistance with the City dog pound but didn’t think the County would be able to help out given their current financial situation.

Alderman Sear stated that he was concerned about the lack of police coverage in the City on Saturday’s stating that the City does not have any coverage on this day until 3:00pm. Alderman Southwick stated that during this time the County provided coverage. A discussion soon ensued between the Board members with a general consensus being that the lack of Saturday coverage was the result of reserve officers not fulfilling their obligations.

I then brought up a bill that was in my information packet regarding a resident who was charged $800 (in 2004) when his street was paved. I was informed that the citizens on that street were asked before the paving was approved and I stated that I had talked to the individual and he states that he was never informed of the project and that he was told he had to pay the bill, eventually making a verbal agreement to pay $25 per month. According to the citizen , Rick Jones ( who was Mayor) at the time of this dispute dismissed the bill, however Assistant City Administrator Shrum and City Clerk Carolyn Surface did not agree.I found out that no written signatures were obtained prior to the project and that permission was obtained verbally, a practice which I described as “wreckless”, however despite my objections, the Mayor and the other Board members did not want to revisit this issue, the consensus being that if a majority of the residents agreed to paving the street , all residents on that street were responsible for the paving. Assistant Administrator Shrum suggested putting a “tax lean” on the property if the resident who objected to paying the bill does not pay off the approximate $400.00 remaining on the bill.

I next presented the Board with a proposal to enter into a contract with the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri to take the City’s unwanted stray dogs to. While I emphasized that the validity of revisiting the problem of barking dogs is debatable, stray animals running at large presents a hazard to the community and puts a strain on City resources by having to take care of them.

I stated that I had talked to Cheryle Dillon of the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri and she had stated that the Humane Society would enter into a contract with the City of Marble Hill with the stipulation that we adopt, (as part of our dog ordinance) the following section from the City of Cape Girardeau Ord. No. 3523, art. 2,7-18-05 , Sec. 6-29 : Impoundment of animals running at large; fees; disposition if unclaimed by owner.

This reads:

“Any animal found within the city running at large, not tied or led by a line or leash, contrary to the provisions of this article, shall be taken up and impounded in a suitable place, as designated by the city. The animal shall be held for five (5) days and will be micro-chipped for identification prior to final release. The animal may be claimed at any time by the owner by paying the cost of micro-chipping and the cost of impounding and feeding the animal. If the owner, or some person for him, does not claim the animal within the five (5) days after it is impounded, ownership of the animal shall transfer to the impoundment facility and the animal may be placed for adoption or euthanized. If any animal is impounded more than once due to violations of this chapter, such animal will not be finally released from the second impoundment unless the animal has been spayed or neutered. If the owner cannot provide written confirmation by a licensed veterinarian that the animal has been previously spayed or neutered, the impoundment facility will have a licensed veterinarian conduct the sterilization procedure on the animal before relinquishing custody of the animal. The owner of the animal shall be required to pay the costs of the sterilization of the animal prior to the animal’s release.”

Mrs. Dillon also ads that:

“We do not charge for the microchip that is implanted the first time an animal comes in. When we tell the owner it is free it kind of takes some of the sting away. When they claim the animal they sign a Return to Owner form that states the next time the animal comes in it will be spay or neutered before being released to them.”

The Board members agreed that this was a good idea and that it would greatly reduce the time, money and resources associated with the current pound and the proposition would be sent to City Attorney Stephen Gray so that the ordinance could be amended to include these stipulations.

Alderman Sear then made a motion to adjourn the meeting which was seconded by Alderman McCain, bringing the meeting to a close at approximately 9:35 pm. Clint E. Lacy 


Ward I Alderman,


City of Marble Hill


City of Marble Hill

City of Marble Hill