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For Immediate Release:

July 15, 2009

Cherry-picking facts compromises paper’s objectivity” 

I would like to take the time to address the recent Banner Press article, “Marble Hill raises water, sewer rates”, published Wednesday July 15, 2009. 

In it Banner Press editor Linda Redeffer states: 

“The rates have not been doubled as Lacy predicted earlier”.  For starters, I would like to say I was wrong about the sewer rates having already been doubled. I was basing the figure off of the information given to me during the last regular Board of Aldermen meeting.  The information that I received can be read on my Alderman Lacy Blog found at the following web address:  

(Just click on the picture to enlarge the photo once it has finished loading). 

The second issue I would like to address is that the Banner Press quoted Mayor Masterson as saying that the city has applied for grant money before. Yet the Banner Press conveniently forgets to mention that when I pressed the Mayor and Assistant Administrator Shrum as to when the last time the City applied for grants for our water and sewer systems, Mr. Shrum said he believed it was three years ago. 

Assistant Administrator Shrum states that residents will only see a $4.83 increase per month in their minimum water and sewer bill. 

 I’m guessing a typical family of four uses about 3000 gallons per month.  Before the rates were raised last year a typical family of four, was paying approximately $31.07 for water, sewer and trash.

After last year’s rate increase a typical family of four was paying approximately $39.47 for trash service + 3000 gallons of water and sewer system use. 

According to my estimates a typical family of four can now look forward to paying $47.20 for water, sewer and trash service. 

Keep in mind that the City of Marble Hill paid for Smith and Company of Cape Girardeau last year to do a study of the City’s water and sewer systems. Smith and Company recommended that the City charge $16.75 for water (up to 2500 gallons) and $18.50 for sewer (up to 2500 gallons) 

I predict that next year the City will propose increasing your water rates by $1.75(per 2500 gallons) and increase the sewer rates by $2.50 cents (per 2500 gallons). Guess what happens if my prediction comes to pass?  The City will be charging exactly what Smith and Company recommended last year, which means that for a family of four, water and sewer rates will close to have doubled. 

I find it a little ironic that the City finds no problem paying for a study to raise your rates, but refuses to pay for a study to estimate the cost of replacing some of the City’s worst water and sewer lines. 

How do you cook a frog?  You turn the heat up a little at a time so the frog doesn’t notice; at least that’s how the old saying goes.  

I may not have been able to postpone these increased rates at this difficult time, for that I apologize.  However; it is my job to try and keep you informed about what is transpiring in your city government so you will notice what is transpiring there. 

By leaving out important information from last night’s meeting, Banner Press editor Linda Redeffer has compromised the paper’s objectivity and {inadvertently?} misinformed Marble Hill’s citizens.

Alderman Clint E. Lacy

Ward I, Marble Hill, Missouri


Agenda for Monday December 8th, 2008 Board of Alderman Meeting…

December 8, 2008


I was having trouble editing this scan of the agenda for tomorrow night’s Board of Alderman meeting.  But in case I can’t get it edited clear enough it doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary is to transpire.  The meeting will begin tomorrow night (Monday December 8th) at 6:00 pm at City Hall.

I would advise everyone to contact City Hall at 238-3622 with any questions  you might have about the meeting or to see if anyone has added their name to the list to address the board.

Thank You,


Clint E. Lacy

Alderman, Ward I, Marble Hill

Someone’s Lyin’ !

November 20, 2008

From the Banner Press

Wednesday November 19th, 2008

“Board of Aldermen Meeting Rescheduled… Again”

By Linda Redeffer:

After first rescheduling a meeting from Nov. 10 to Nov. 13 because of a lack of a quorum, the Marble Hill Board of Aldermen rescheduled again Nov. 13 for the same reason.

On Nov. 10, Alderman Clint Lacy was absent and Alderman Tim McCain arrived just minutes after Mayor Russell Masterson adjourned the meeting. City Attorney Steve Gray advised Masterson that he could reopen the meeting,but the mayor declared the meeting adjourned. No one objected and the business was carried over to November 13.

After holding a short public hearing on the 13th to rezone property from residential to commercial-a quorum isn’t needed for a hearing- the members who were present waited for Lacy and Alderman Joel Southwick to arrive for a special meeting to vote on the rezoning and then to hold a separate meeting to take up the business postponed from Nov. 10. Neither alderman arrived.

City Clerk Carolyn Surface said she  has been unable to reach Lacy and Southwick, and is unsure when the city will be able to meet next.”

First of all, as I have done so previously on this blog, I apologize to the citizens for being unable to attend the past two meetings. That being said, I notified the mayor well in advance that I would not be able to make the regular and special meetings.

As a matter of fact, I notified the Banner Press’s editor, Linda Redeffer well in advance as well when I delivered he my information packet so that she could inform the public what was on the agenda for the next meeting.

To skew the story in order to make it look like I was some kind of “dead beat alderman” shows a lack of professionalism.

As to the allegations that City Clerk Carolyn Surface has made about being unable to contact me, again, totally false, she called me the night of regularly scheduled meeting asking me if I was coming to the meeting, I answered the phone at work and told her I would be unable to attend, and that I had informed the mayor of this.  Mrs. Surface called me back shortly afterward to inform me that the meeting had been rescheduled to after the public hearing on the 13th, again I told her I would be unable to attend this meeting , and that I had informed the mayor of this as well.

I explained to her that I have to use my personal vacation time in order to attend the meetings, and that during this time of year it is very difficult to get vacation time. 

Today (November 19th) I again received a call from Mrs. Surface asking if I could make a meeting on Monday, again I told her it was next to impossible.

So that’s where we are at.  I have to work for a living, the government is not going to “bail me out” if I don’t pay my bills.  I ran for office so that the people would have some representation at City Hall, and so that I could inform the citizens about what their City Government is doing.

It is a sacrifice of time, and in my case money, (I have dedicated nearly a week’s worth of vacation time so that I could attend meetings and special meetings) but one I have made willingly.  I have not achieved everything that I have wanted to in my first year of office,  but I have managed to help a few folks out.

Why would the Banner Press act like I did not inform them about my absence for the regular meeting when I told them well in advance?

Why would City Clerk Carolyn Surface say that she has been unable to reach me, when she has had absolutely no trouble contacting me?

Someone is lying and it’s not me.

I will continue to relay meeting information to the Banner Press as I always have, but I want them to know that it is for the citizens benefit, not theirs.

Clint Lacy

Alderman Ward I

Marble Hill, Missouri


I will be at the December meeting , I was able to schedule vacation to attend it well in advance.

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