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Public Hearing / Board of Aldermen Meeting Monday Dec. 14, 2009

December 13, 2009

There will be a Public Hearing at the Marble Hill City Hall on Monday December 14, 2009 at 5:45 at the Marble Hill City Hall located at 302 Union Street. 

The Board of Aldermen will be seeking public input on a petition to vacate an alley at the intersection of North St. and Pine St. 

The Board will also be seeking public input on a proposed Travel Trailer park at the corner of Prospect and Highland streets.

The Marble Hill Board of Alderman will hold its December meeting at the Marble Hill City Hall on Monday December 14, 2009 at 6:00pm

On the agenda is: 

  • A request by Marble Hill resident Donald Joe Long for a variance to erect a building to cover his camping trailer at 205 South Street.
  • Ordinance 09-22 which is a proposal to vacate a portion of Pine Street.
  • A request for a permit by Kenneth Brown to build a Travel Trailer park at the corner of Highland and Prospect streets.
  • A request by Richard and Janet Shope to address the Board of Aldermen.
  • In addition I plan on proposing making Englehart Ln one way in the direction of Opossum Creek Road from Central to Milford St.  Traffic traveling from on Englehart Ln. in the direction from Opossum Creek Road to Central, will be diverted to Milford and then Union St. to help prevent the risk of head – on collisions in the vicinity of Lincoln’s Hill. 

If you have questions, comments , requests or complaints that you would like me to address during tomorrow night’s meeting feel free to contact me at: 573-450-0276 by phone or by emailing me at:  or you can leave a comment on my website, which can be found by typing the following address in your browser bar:

Thank You,

Ward I Alderman

Clint E. Lacy


Notes From Monday Nov. 9th, 2009 Meeting

November 10, 2009

On Monday November 9, 2009 the Marble Hill Board of Aldermen met at 6:00 pm at City Hall to hold their monthly meeting.

It was a relatively eventless meeting although as the expenditures will reflect that this month the City did spend $18, 573 on a Kioti DS 4110 tractor. The tractor has 4-wheel drive capability a front end loader and a brush hog. A picture of this model tractors is featured below:

This tractor was purchased at Perryville Outdoor Equipment in Perryville , Missouri.

The Board approved the expenditures, along with the previous month’s meeting notes and a water adjustment request from a city resident.

In addition the Board approved Ordinance 09-21 which is a request for the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission to reimburse the City of Marble Hill for the purchase of a Stalker Radar Unit for our Police force. 

In new business, Alderman Sears addressed the condition of Water St. noting that it was it was in very poor condition.

I addressed the issue of Lincoln’s hill on Englehart St. The original plan was for the City to widen the hill, but this was going to require the removal of some trees from a property owner as well as the added expense of excavating and dirt work.

I proposed an alternative plan that I feel will make Englehart Ln. safer as well as eliminate the need to alter local property.

Below is an illustration that I have come up with:


Proposed traffic route change on Englehart Ln.

As illustrated in the above picture, traffic from Central Ave. to Milford St. would become one way,  while traffic on Englehart, from opossum Creek would be diverted to Milford St. (which will be paved) to Union St.  Thus eliminating the risk of collisions on Lincoln’s hill.

Both the Mayor and the Board thought that this was a good idea, with the Mayor recommending that I clear this with the Chief of Police.

I talked to Chief Willis today and he thought this was a good idea as well.

While no plan is perfect I feel that this plan would be cost-effective for the city while at the same time protecting the citizens’ safety and property rights.

At approximately 7:00 pm a motion was made and seconded to go into executive session to discuss both legal and personnel matters.

The Board returned to regular session at 8:00 where a motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

As always if you have any questions feel free to call me at: 573-450-0276. You can also leave a comment on this post or email me at:  You can also call City Hall and leave me a message at: 573-238-3622

Alderman Clint E. Lacy

Ward I, Marble Hill, Missouri.






Notes from Marble Hill Board of Aldermen Meeting 12/08/2008

December 9, 2008

The Marble Hill Board of Alderman met on Monday December 8th, 2008 with all members attending.

Assistant City Administrator Gary Shrum gave his report stating that he will be attending a regional waste meeting concerning the possibility of a recycling center for Marble Hill.

Shrum also stated that he applied for a $750,000 grant through the Delta Regional Authority for water and sewer improvements. But cautioned that the City probably would not find out whether or not they received the requested amount until after the Obama administration takes office.

Shrum stated that the Bollinger County Health Center has requested a water pressure reduction valve to be placed at the water meter outside of the facility. The Board agreed to install the reduction valve if the center paid for it.

There is good news for the residents along Central street who have been waiting for their new storm drain since this past summer. Shrum stated that the culverts have been ordered and the gates are being manufactured. (Installation of the new storm drain will be weather permitting).

A water leak was repaired at the Hickory Hills apartment complex, but in order to fix the leak the City had to cut through the driveway. Preparations to repair the driveway are presently being made.

Salt has been delivered and the new snow plow has been installed on the 4 Wheel Drive pick up that the City purchased in June.

Safety classes for City employees will begin on Tuesday December 9,2008.

A new telephone system has been installed and has been working well. Citizens will soon be able to call City Hall and leave a voice mail message for your alderman, via an automated voice prompt system.  The new system will also prevent citizens from getting a busy signal when they’re trying to reach City Hall.

Searching for problem spots in the sewer system utilizing smoke tests will soon begin, a notice will be placed in the Banner Press newspaper so residents will know when and what areas the tests will be occurring.

Bids have been accepted for a new roof for the City Maintenance shed.

The first one was from Precision Roofing at an estimated cost of $8,700. The cost did not include the removal of the old roof.

The second bid was from Statler roofing at a cost of $6,300. The cost excluded new guttering.

The third bid was from D&L guttering  at a cost of $5,685. This included removing the old roof, installation of a new roof, gutters and a 40 year warranty.

The board agreed to accept the bid from D& L Guttering.

Mayor Russel Masterson addressed the Board of Alderman concerning the possibility of switching the employees health insurance plan stating that the plan the city has considered switching to provides the same coverage but at a cheaper price than the current provider. The mayor stated that he is still waiting to hear from insurance agent Tom Houchings as to whether or not the new plan would cover pre-existing medical conditions.

In new business Alderman James Sear expressed concern over the City’s pool liner that was installed this year.  Assistant Administrator Gary Shrum said that he had spoke to Lloyd Ivey and that Mr. Ivey assured him that he would fix the liner this spring, at no charge to the City.

Alderman Sear stated that he recently visited the City Pound and that everything looked good. He stated that the animals looked well cared for but expressed concern about whether there is a need to get young puppies vaccinated, but Assistant Administrator Shrum questioned the feasibility of such a policy when the City is only required to hold the animals for a minimum of 5 days before being euthanized.

Alderman Lacy next expressed concern over a fire hydrant that is leaking at 709 Third Street and Assistant Administrator Shrum stated that a work order has been written and the hydrant should be looked at this month, but cautioned that there is a possibility that the hydrant might have to be totally replaced.

Marilyn Neville, Sharon Sear and Karen Barlow addressed the Board of Aldermen expressing the need for the City to continue working with them to help with the adaption of unwanted animals.

Mrs. Neville, Mrs. Barlow and Mrs. Sear brought two dogs that had been rescued from the pound to show that the animals are adaptable and that there are homes that want them.

Some have found homes as far away as St. Louis, Missouri and North Carolina.

Mrs. Sear asked what the official policy was concerning the amount of time an animal would be held in the City Pound before it would be euthanized.

The mayor stated that according to the ordinance if an animal is not claimed within 5 days, it is to be euthanized, but as a courtesy to the public animals are being held 10 days.

Mrs. Neville asked if the Mayor would consider waiting 10 business days before euthanizing the animals because of the time needed to find suitable homes for them, to which the Mayor agreed.

The Mayor stated that he plans to approach the County Commission about cooperating with the city to provide a better facility to house the animals, but wants to wait until the new commisioners take office in January.

Alderman Lacy stated that he has tried to contact {via email} Cheryl Mothes of the Southeast Missouri Humane Society about how much it would cost the City / County to enter into a contract with them to provide for our area’s unwanted animals, but has not yet heard  from them.

Mrs. Neville asked if she could count on the City to coninue to work with her in rescuing unwanted animals , to which the Board agreed. If you have found an animal in need of adaption, you can contact Marilyn Neville by phoning her at: 573-722-3035 or by email at:

It has been my honor and priviledge serving you this past year and I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Clint E. Lacy

Alderman, Ward I

Marble Hill, Missouri

Agenda for Monday December 8th, 2008 Board of Alderman Meeting…

December 8, 2008


I was having trouble editing this scan of the agenda for tomorrow night’s Board of Alderman meeting.  But in case I can’t get it edited clear enough it doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary is to transpire.  The meeting will begin tomorrow night (Monday December 8th) at 6:00 pm at City Hall.

I would advise everyone to contact City Hall at 238-3622 with any questions  you might have about the meeting or to see if anyone has added their name to the list to address the board.

Thank You,


Clint E. Lacy

Alderman, Ward I, Marble Hill

Journalistic Integrity, Proffesionalism Lacking in Marble Hill

November 21, 2008

Thanks to the Southeast Missourian for allowing me to respond to the Banner Press’s coverage of the Marble Hill City Council meetings…

From the Friday November 21, 2008 online edition of the Southeast Missourian newspaper:

Journalistic integrity, proffesionalism lacking in Marble Hill

I would like to take the opportunity to respond to an article published in the November 19th Banner Press:( Board of Alderman Meeting Rescheduled-Again).

I can’t help but feel that either City Hall, or the Banner Press {or both} has taken the opportunity to portray me as a “dead beat alderman”.

The article repeatedly states that I was absent for both the regular and special meetings held this month.

Some quotes from what I can best describe as an unproffesional “hatchet job” included… “On November 10 Alderman Lacy was absent” ” After holding a public hearing on the 13th to rezone property from residential to commercial-a quorum isn’t needed for a hearing- the members who were present waited for Lacy and Alderman Joel Southwick to arrive for a special meeting to vote on the rezoning and then to hold a separate meeting to take up the business postponed from Nov. 10. Neither alderman arrived”

I find this more than ironic since I informed the mayor immediately following the October 30th special meeting that I would not be able to make the November regular meeting nor the November special meeting.

Even more ironic is the fact that I informed Linda Redeffer, the editor of the Banner Press, that I would not be able to attend the meetings when I was dropping off information for the meetings so that the she could report about what was on the agenda, as well as maintenance reports, police reports and budget information.

In addition, I published in my November 7th post to my Alderman Lacy Blog that I would be unable to attend the meetings.

The allegation made by City Clerk Carolyn Surface that I could not be contacted is a total fabrication. The truth of the matter is that when City Hall calls, I pick up the phone.

I apologize to the citizens for not being able to make these meetings, but I depend on my personal vacation time from work in order to fulfill my duties.

Unfortunately November is a tough month to obtain vacation due to the upcoming holiday preparations and deer season. I have willingly given my time, in order to participate in city government and inform the citizenry about what is transpiring there. but the reality is that someone is lying and it is not me.

I tried calling the Banner Press today in an attempt to talk to the editor, only to have her secretary tell me, “I could call back later”.

Feel free to contact me by email at:

You can also keep informed about what is happening in your city government by visiting my Alderman Lacy Blog located at the following address:

Thank You,Sincerely, Clint E. Lacy

Alderman, Ward I

Marble Hill

Notes from October 13th, 2008 Board of Alderman Meeting

October 14, 2008

The Marble Hill Board of Alderman met on Monday , October 13th, 2008 at 6:00 pm at the City Hall.  First on the agenda was the approval of last months minutes.

Next City Attorney Stephen Gray spoke to the board about a title problem with the property owned by Connie Vance. It appears that the property used to be owned by the City and that the building was once used as the Lutesville Fire Department.

Ten feet of the building overlapped property owned by J.C. Cook and in 2000 Cook deeded the overlapping ten feet to the city.

The problem that is that in 2003 Cook deeded his property to the City through the FEMA flood buyout program. There was an error made in the title description during this buyout and now Connie Vance is having problems selling her property.

Gray said that in order to clear up the problem the city can issue a “quick claim” deed to Mrs. Vance so that she can sell the property. Grey then asked the council for approval to do so and it was granted.

Mr. Clifton Trentham visited the meeting to express concern over an August 20th, 2008 Banner Press article in which Mayor “Bat” Masterson was quoted as saying that the city had been left with a mess to deal with in regards to the city’s sewer system.

Mr. Trentham stated that he installed most of the city’s sewer lines and felt that the mayor was referring to him in the previously cited statement.

The mayor and the city council assured Mr. Trentham that no one was questioning his work, and I stated that nothing lasts forever, and the mayor stated that the system is just getting old.

Assistant City Administrator Gary Shrum in his report stated that Boy-Com communications, which provides the city’s cable television services is refusing to pay franchise fee taxes, and the communications company is currently being sued by the City of Piedmont.

Shrum also stated that the city still does not have a collector’s deed for the old Webb Property.

He also stated that Crossroads Communciations has not paid rent and installation fees on any of their sites in Bollinger County. Cross Roads has a cell / wireless internet tower located at the #1 water tower in Marble Hill.

I asked Mr. Shrum when the residents along Central Ave. could expect work to begin on the stormwater drain project and he stated that he is still waiting on SMTP to mark the utility and gas lines before they begin.

Included in Mr. Shrums  report was the following information:

“I would like to call to your attention that Debi Ivey was quoted in the Banner PRess as saying that the new veteran’s memorial will be erected in Twin City Park. As far as I know neither I nor the Board was ever contacted in regards to this matter. I personally, am completely against this taking place. I can not see erecting such an expensive and important memorial in any park, it should be located right behind City Hall. If it were placed there many people will see it as they pass through town, it is a more secure location, and there is adequate space and the pavilion is there and the bathrooms can easily be finished and made handicap accessible”

In the meeting, Shrum went on to state, “Charles Freeman is trying to build a nice veterans memorial, why do we need the same names in two different locations in town?”

Mr. Shrum clairified that the proposal by Mrs. Ivey was not related to the work being done by the Bollinger County Veterans’ Memorial project, and that he was afraid any such project located at Twin Cities Park would suffer from flooding.

The Council also approved Amendment #7 which authorizes the City to spend $11, 500 for engineering services for the Hurricane Creek Bank Stabilization Project.

A revisiting of the Utility Vehicle ordinance was discussed since the State passed legislation legalizing the use of “utility vehicles” on state highways.

Also discussed was the need for more police patrols in residential areas, specifically Crown and Third streets.

I brought to the Board’s attention that we still have some bad potholes that needed to be fixed on Englehart St.

Last but not least, I thanked the Board for finally getting Mr. Bob Spencer’s culvert cleaned out.

Clint E. Lacy

Alderman, Ward I

Marble Hill