Board of Aldermen Meeting June 8th,2009


As you can see there is a lot on this month’s agenda. Of particular interest to residents are the City’s trash and sewer rates.  Personally I do not think we need an increase of any kind.

Mr. John Bechtold of the Missouri Department of Transportation will be addressing the Board about the speed limits on Hwy 34 West.

Paula Bridges of the Bollinger County Recycling will also address the Board.

I have also heard from some area businesses that would like to see the commercial trash rates match the residential. I will be bringing this up in the meeting.

I will also be addressing the condition of the baseball fields due to the following letter I received from a resident:

“I am writing in regard to the city baseball park.  My children
have had 15 practices down at the park and have only been able to use the field 3 times.  We have had 5 home games cancelled because the field was too wet to play on.  I realize you can not control the weather, but I have been on other towns fields after a gully washer has come through and the fields were able to be used with dust flying soon into play. 

I feel that the field is not of importance to the city.  We are the largest town in the division we play, yet we have the worst facilities – the field is always wet behind 1st and 2nd base, the bathrooms seldom have lights, toilet paper,  or soap and paper towels.  The women’s bathroom door will shut but if it does you will get locked in and have to bang for help.

However most of the time you don’t shut it because you have to leave the door open and find someone to guard for you in order to see.  Each time a game gets cancelled the city looses revenue.  I live out of town.  

I use my town trips wisely.  I usually will buy gas, groceries and eat at one of the local restaurants.  The upkeep of the field and playground area reflects upon the name of our city.  Surely the city can see that we need to take pride in our parks (not just the horse programs).  

 Every time a game is cancelled the kids are disappointed in their town.  If we want our children to stay in Marble Hill, then we need to show them while they are young that they matter.  Please help so that the baseball field can be used.   It is no good to the community if the kids can’t practice and proudly host a home game.  Do we pay taxes to upkeep the city parks? 

Is there record of where that money is being spent?”           

Yes there is a record a general tis found in the CPA report monthly.
You can contact our CPA Jeff Eftink for a detailed account.

Mr. Eftink business number is: 573-238-3334

Budget talks will begin very soon, if you have a street that needs paving, or a suggested project for the City there is still time to get your name on the agenda, just call 573-238-3622.

You can always email me at:  or call me at: 573-450-0276

Alderman Clint E. Lacy

Ward I , City of Marble Hill.


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