Special Meeting: Wednesday April 22, 2009

The mayor has called a special meeting of the Marble Hill Board of Aldermen for Wednesday April 22, 2009 @ 9:00 in the Marble Hill City Hall.

The subject of this session is “personel matters”.


7 Responses to “Special Meeting: Wednesday April 22, 2009”

  1. Rena Says:

    “personal matters” in a city meeting?

  2. aldermanlacy Says:

    Sorry that should have read, “Personnel”.

  3. cross town citizen Says:

    Due to recent events, such as comments and articles in the paper, following the elections for city aldermen I personally feel that there are “PERSONAL” matters that need to be addressed among the Officials of this city.
    I am dismayed that our Mayor would publish such comments about someone that ran for office. It was very unprofessional and uncalled for.

  4. cross town citizen Says:

    You know who I am Clint and my comment is in no way directed to you! Keep up the good work!

    I really appreciate you keeping the people of Marble Hill informed about what,s going on in the meetings. Not everyone can attend them. Most people probably don’t even realize that they can attend a Board of Alderman’s meeting, as far as they know its only for the Aldermen.

    • aldermanlacy Says:

      First of all, I’ve talked to the Mayor and he says he feels like I was condemning everyone that didn’t vote for Mr. Andrews, that is not the case.

      There were fundamental differences between Mr. McCain and Mr. Andrews. I chose to support Mr. Andrews.

      That being said, I wanted to thank Mr. Andrews publicaly for taking time out of his busy life to try and make a difference. Not wanting to ad fuel to the fire, I removed most of my criticisms about Mr. McCain out of the letter that I submitted to the Banner Press, mostly because I did not want to take away from the honor that I wished to bestow upon Mr. Andrews.

      Please spread the word that citizens ARE welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings, which are held on the second tuesday of every month.

  5. Rena Says:

    What kind of “personal meeting” does a city have?????????

  6. Rena Says:

    Sorry about that—did not see your correction until after I sent the second one.

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