Some thoughts about Tuesday’s Election

Things did not go as I had hoped. Josh Andrews was defeated in his attempt to unseat Marble Hill Ward I alderman Tim McCain.

First of all, I want to state that I am very proud of Josh and was honored to campaign by his side a few weeks ago.

I needn’t have to say that I obviously thought that Josh was the better qualified candidate on many levels.

In his candidate profile which was published online and in print by the Southeast Missourian newspaper Josh mentions that he is employed by the BNSF railroad as well as the National Guard.

Perhaps he was too modest to admit that he spent a year in Iraq where he not only performed the duties of a chaplain, but some very dangerous engineering work as well.

Back home he splits his time between his duties on the railroad and one weekend a month for the National Guard.  With little time left for his family, Josh was willing to serve his community to an even larger extent to help bring attention to water problems in his neighborhood and give back to his community.

Above all, Josh was truthful in his candidate profile, which is more than I can say for the incumbent , Tim McCain who stated in his candidate profile (also published by the Southeast Missourian) that:

“When anyone has come to me with a problem, I have tried to handle it or make sure I put them in touch with who could take care of it. Then I always follow up to make sure it was addressed. Some issues take longer to deal with than others, but I never give up working on a solution. ”

This is not the same Alderman McCain that I have come to know over the past year in my duties as an alderman.  In fact when I brought Mr. Andrew’s complaints about a leaking fire hydrant in his neighborhood for the fourth time I stated, “As an alderman it is my job to bring the citizens complaints to City Hall” to which Alderman McCain responded by saying, “Yes, but it is also you job as an alderman to make the citizens understand why it is taking so long to resolve their problems”.

As it turns out the issue of the leaking fire hydrant, which I was led to believe would be a major undertaking, was resolved in about 30 minutes, ironically a couple of weeks after Josh filed to run as an alderman.

Josh Andrews, trainman, veteran guardsman husband and family man has set an example of what can be accomplished when someone decides to take an active role in their community.

Thank You, Josh, for your service both home and abroad.

Clint E. Lacy

Alderman, Ward I

City of Marble Hill

One Response to “Some thoughts about Tuesday’s Election”

  1. Mary Says:

    I’m disappointed in the election results, but not at all surprised.

    Most Marble Hillians seem to be content to work and shop outside the town, and really have little or no interest in it or its government. It’s doubtful that they even notice anymore the trash, the abandoned buildings and vehicles, the lack of businesses, the lackadaisical attitude of city government, because it’s primarily just a place they ‘visit’ evenings and weekends.

    This is not unusual for a small town which has lost many of its businesses and industries over the years.

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