Marble Hill Ward I alderman Clint Lacy endorses Challenger

From today’s Southeast Missourian newspaper:

It is my honor to endorse the candidacy of Josh Andrews for Ward I alderman, City of Marble Hill.

Josh is an honest, principled man who will stand with and for the people of Marble Hill. His candidacy has already made a positive impact for the citizens in his neighborhood.

One of the reasons Josh decided to run for office was the fact that a fire hydrant had been leaking near his home for over 7 months. I had taken his complaints to City Hall for the past 6 months and was led to believe that it would be a major undertaking to fix it.

Ironically it was fixed this week , the total time of the repair was approximately 30 minutes.

Last year I ran my campaign on a platform of making improvements to the City and being a true representative of the citizens.

I enjoyed limited success in these endeavors, partly because I am outnumbered 3 to 1 on the Board of Aldermen.

The election of Josh Andrews to Ward I Alderman this Tuesday will bring much needed help and a greater representation for the citizens of Marble Hill.

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