Please vote for Josh Andrews April 7th

It is my honor to endorse the candidacy of Josh Andrews for Ward I alderman, City of Marble Hill.

Josh is an honest, principled man who will stand with and for the people of Marble Hill. His candidacy has already made a positive impact for the citizens in his neighborhood.

One of the reasons Josh decided to run for office was the fact that a fire hydrant had been leaking near his home for over 7 months. I had taken his complaints to City Hall for the past 6 months and was led to believe that it would be a major undertaking to fix it.

Ironically it was fixed this week , the total time of the repair was approximately 30 minutes.

On Tuesday April 7th (THIS TUESDAY) please vote for Josh Andrews for Ward I alderman, City of Marble Hill.

From the April 2, 2009 Southeast Missourian…

Joshua Andrews

Joshua W. Andrews

Date of birth: June 22, 1974

Place of birth: Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Spouse, children: Wife Ami Andrews; children, Ashley, Phillip, Isaac

Occupation: BNSF Railway conductor; staff sergeant, Army National Guard

Employer: Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway; Missouri National Guard

Businesses owned, all or part: None

Previous offices held or sought: None

What is the most important issue facing Marble Hill?

One of the main issues facing Marble Hill is the water works system and the fashion in which it is handled, such as the timeliness and completeness of jobs being done.

What in your education or background makes you qualified for this office?

My life experiences, civilian and military alike. Being a conductor for BNSF railway I must be able to communicate with others easily and work well in a team situation. I am also in the National Guard where I have received excellent training and have been given the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people. This experience will benefit me as I work with the other aldermen and the people of Marble Hill.

Why are you better qualified than your opponent(s)?

There are changes that need to be made, and I feel I have a lot to offer as an alderman and would be good for the city of Marble Hill.

2 Responses to “Please vote for Josh Andrews April 7th”

  1. Mary Says:

    Wonder how many people read the ‘bios’ of the candidates in the Banner Press?

    What a world of difference there is in the comments of the two candidates! It looks like it should be a ‘no-brainer’ for Josh, but then … You’ve got the Small-Town, Good-Old-Boy syndrome … and a lot of people just don’t want change, even if that might mean a better town council. Being an outsider sometimes gives someone who hasn’t lived here for generations more perspective?

    This was the first time I’d read McCain’s ‘bio’ … Pains me to say it’s unbelievable that he was ever voted into office.

  2. aldermanlacy Says:

    You are quite right, there is a world of difference in the comments between Josh Andrews and Tim McCain. I really wanted to respond by throwing everything and the kitchen sink at McCain, but Josh did not want the negative publicity.

    I will say this McCain, when asked why he was more qualified than his opponent in the Southeast Missourian’s canidate profile McCain stated:

    “When anyone has come to me with a problem, I have tried to handle it or make sure I put them in touch with who could take care of it. Then I always follow up to make sure it was addressed. Some issues take longer to deal with than others, but I never give up working on a solution”

    Amazing considering the fact that during one of the many times I brought up the need to fix the fire hydrant on Mr. Andrew’s street, I stated my job was to listen to the citizens complaints and address them in our Board of Aldermen meetings.

    McCain responded by stating:

    “Yes but your job is to also make them understand why it’s taking so long”

    “No”, I replied, “It isn’t, especially after it has been leaking for six months”.

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