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Notes from Marble Hill Board of Aldermen Meeting 12/08/2008

December 9, 2008

The Marble Hill Board of Alderman met on Monday December 8th, 2008 with all members attending.

Assistant City Administrator Gary Shrum gave his report stating that he will be attending a regional waste meeting concerning the possibility of a recycling center for Marble Hill.

Shrum also stated that he applied for a $750,000 grant through the Delta Regional Authority for water and sewer improvements. But cautioned that the City probably would not find out whether or not they received the requested amount until after the Obama administration takes office.

Shrum stated that the Bollinger County Health Center has requested a water pressure reduction valve to be placed at the water meter outside of the facility. The Board agreed to install the reduction valve if the center paid for it.

There is good news for the residents along Central street who have been waiting for their new storm drain since this past summer. Shrum stated that the culverts have been ordered and the gates are being manufactured. (Installation of the new storm drain will be weather permitting).

A water leak was repaired at the Hickory Hills apartment complex, but in order to fix the leak the City had to cut through the driveway. Preparations to repair the driveway are presently being made.

Salt has been delivered and the new snow plow has been installed on the 4 Wheel Drive pick up that the City purchased in June.

Safety classes for City employees will begin on Tuesday December 9,2008.

A new telephone system has been installed and has been working well. Citizens will soon be able to call City Hall and leave a voice mail message for your alderman, via an automated voice prompt system.  The new system will also prevent citizens from getting a busy signal when they’re trying to reach City Hall.

Searching for problem spots in the sewer system utilizing smoke tests will soon begin, a notice will be placed in the Banner Press newspaper so residents will know when and what areas the tests will be occurring.

Bids have been accepted for a new roof for the City Maintenance shed.

The first one was from Precision Roofing at an estimated cost of $8,700. The cost did not include the removal of the old roof.

The second bid was from Statler roofing at a cost of $6,300. The cost excluded new guttering.

The third bid was from D&L guttering  at a cost of $5,685. This included removing the old roof, installation of a new roof, gutters and a 40 year warranty.

The board agreed to accept the bid from D& L Guttering.

Mayor Russel Masterson addressed the Board of Alderman concerning the possibility of switching the employees health insurance plan stating that the plan the city has considered switching to provides the same coverage but at a cheaper price than the current provider. The mayor stated that he is still waiting to hear from insurance agent Tom Houchings as to whether or not the new plan would cover pre-existing medical conditions.

In new business Alderman James Sear expressed concern over the City’s pool liner that was installed this year.  Assistant Administrator Gary Shrum said that he had spoke to Lloyd Ivey and that Mr. Ivey assured him that he would fix the liner this spring, at no charge to the City.

Alderman Sear stated that he recently visited the City Pound and that everything looked good. He stated that the animals looked well cared for but expressed concern about whether there is a need to get young puppies vaccinated, but Assistant Administrator Shrum questioned the feasibility of such a policy when the City is only required to hold the animals for a minimum of 5 days before being euthanized.

Alderman Lacy next expressed concern over a fire hydrant that is leaking at 709 Third Street and Assistant Administrator Shrum stated that a work order has been written and the hydrant should be looked at this month, but cautioned that there is a possibility that the hydrant might have to be totally replaced.

Marilyn Neville, Sharon Sear and Karen Barlow addressed the Board of Aldermen expressing the need for the City to continue working with them to help with the adaption of unwanted animals.

Mrs. Neville, Mrs. Barlow and Mrs. Sear brought two dogs that had been rescued from the pound to show that the animals are adaptable and that there are homes that want them.

Some have found homes as far away as St. Louis, Missouri and North Carolina.

Mrs. Sear asked what the official policy was concerning the amount of time an animal would be held in the City Pound before it would be euthanized.

The mayor stated that according to the ordinance if an animal is not claimed within 5 days, it is to be euthanized, but as a courtesy to the public animals are being held 10 days.

Mrs. Neville asked if the Mayor would consider waiting 10 business days before euthanizing the animals because of the time needed to find suitable homes for them, to which the Mayor agreed.

The Mayor stated that he plans to approach the County Commission about cooperating with the city to provide a better facility to house the animals, but wants to wait until the new commisioners take office in January.

Alderman Lacy stated that he has tried to contact {via email} Cheryl Mothes of the Southeast Missouri Humane Society about how much it would cost the City / County to enter into a contract with them to provide for our area’s unwanted animals, but has not yet heard  from them.

Mrs. Neville asked if she could count on the City to coninue to work with her in rescuing unwanted animals , to which the Board agreed. If you have found an animal in need of adaption, you can contact Marilyn Neville by phoning her at: 573-722-3035 or by email at:

It has been my honor and priviledge serving you this past year and I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Clint E. Lacy

Alderman, Ward I

Marble Hill, Missouri


Agenda for Monday December 8th, 2008 Board of Alderman Meeting…

December 8, 2008


I was having trouble editing this scan of the agenda for tomorrow night’s Board of Alderman meeting.  But in case I can’t get it edited clear enough it doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary is to transpire.  The meeting will begin tomorrow night (Monday December 8th) at 6:00 pm at City Hall.

I would advise everyone to contact City Hall at 238-3622 with any questions  you might have about the meeting or to see if anyone has added their name to the list to address the board.

Thank You,


Clint E. Lacy

Alderman, Ward I, Marble Hill