Journalistic Integrity, Proffesionalism Lacking in Marble Hill

Thanks to the Southeast Missourian for allowing me to respond to the Banner Press’s coverage of the Marble Hill City Council meetings…

From the Friday November 21, 2008 online edition of the Southeast Missourian newspaper:

Journalistic integrity, proffesionalism lacking in Marble Hill

I would like to take the opportunity to respond to an article published in the November 19th Banner Press:( Board of Alderman Meeting Rescheduled-Again).

I can’t help but feel that either City Hall, or the Banner Press {or both} has taken the opportunity to portray me as a “dead beat alderman”.

The article repeatedly states that I was absent for both the regular and special meetings held this month.

Some quotes from what I can best describe as an unproffesional “hatchet job” included… “On November 10 Alderman Lacy was absent” ” After holding a public hearing on the 13th to rezone property from residential to commercial-a quorum isn’t needed for a hearing- the members who were present waited for Lacy and Alderman Joel Southwick to arrive for a special meeting to vote on the rezoning and then to hold a separate meeting to take up the business postponed from Nov. 10. Neither alderman arrived”

I find this more than ironic since I informed the mayor immediately following the October 30th special meeting that I would not be able to make the November regular meeting nor the November special meeting.

Even more ironic is the fact that I informed Linda Redeffer, the editor of the Banner Press, that I would not be able to attend the meetings when I was dropping off information for the meetings so that the she could report about what was on the agenda, as well as maintenance reports, police reports and budget information.

In addition, I published in my November 7th post to my Alderman Lacy Blog that I would be unable to attend the meetings.

The allegation made by City Clerk Carolyn Surface that I could not be contacted is a total fabrication. The truth of the matter is that when City Hall calls, I pick up the phone.

I apologize to the citizens for not being able to make these meetings, but I depend on my personal vacation time from work in order to fulfill my duties.

Unfortunately November is a tough month to obtain vacation due to the upcoming holiday preparations and deer season. I have willingly given my time, in order to participate in city government and inform the citizenry about what is transpiring there. but the reality is that someone is lying and it is not me.

I tried calling the Banner Press today in an attempt to talk to the editor, only to have her secretary tell me, “I could call back later”.

Feel free to contact me by email at:

You can also keep informed about what is happening in your city government by visiting my Alderman Lacy Blog located at the following address:

Thank You,Sincerely, Clint E. Lacy

Alderman, Ward I

Marble Hill

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