Meeting Postponed Again

Dear citizens, the November meeting has again been postponed, we will try again next week. The problem is that Mr. Southwick (Alderman Ward II) and myself (Alderman Ward I) have manufacturing jobs and it is a very bad time of year to try to get off of work. The vacation slots are full due to deer hunters.

The City Council has to have at least 3 members present to constitute a quorum, so again my apologies.

I would suggest that interested parties, call City Hall at: 573-238-3622 to keep apprised of the situation.

In other news…

A small victory of sorts, the Mayor authorized the entrance to Peligreno park to be resurfaced, this is a project that has been long past due. The park is used by citizens of Marble Hill, as well as citizens from neighboring communities and the country side, the conditions of our parks reflect our town pride, so I would like to thank Mayor Masterson for approving the project.

Clint E. Lacy

Alderman Ward I

Marble Hill, Missouri.

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