Meeting Up in the Air…

Last Monday night’s Board of Aldermen meeting was canceled due to the lack of a quorum. It was rescheduled for Thursday November 13, following the Public Hearing and Special Meeting of the rezoning of an area of town so that Greg Peters could put in a retail business, (which I approve of by the way).

Before I begin, let me first state that I can not make all the meetings due to my work schedule, and most meetings I have to use vacation time to attend.

I could not get vacation time for the regular meeting or the public hearin and special meeting on Thursday.

On Monday, I received a phone call from the City Clerk asking if I was coming to the meeting, I informed her that there must have been a mix up because I had already informed the mayor that I would not be able to attend.

Later I received a phone call saying that the meeting had been rescheduled due to the lack of a quorum.

Today I learned that last night’s public hearing and meeting could not be conducted due to a lack of a quorum, so, if three council members are going to be available on Monday, the Public Hearing, the Special Meeting and the Regular Meeting will be held on Monday , November 17th, starting at 5:00 pm at City Hall.

If a quorum is not available on Monday then the meeting will be moved to Friday  , November 21’st starting at 5:00 pm at City Hall.

I encourage citizens to call City Hall on Monday morning at: 238-3622 to find out exactly when the meeting will take place.

Again I apologize to the citizens for not being able to make it, but as I stated before, my work schedule will not allow it this week, due to vacation coverage.

Thank You,

Clint E. Lacy

Alderman Ward I

Marble Hill

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