Notes from October 13th, 2008 Board of Alderman Meeting

The Marble Hill Board of Alderman met on Monday , October 13th, 2008 at 6:00 pm at the City Hall.  First on the agenda was the approval of last months minutes.

Next City Attorney Stephen Gray spoke to the board about a title problem with the property owned by Connie Vance. It appears that the property used to be owned by the City and that the building was once used as the Lutesville Fire Department.

Ten feet of the building overlapped property owned by J.C. Cook and in 2000 Cook deeded the overlapping ten feet to the city.

The problem that is that in 2003 Cook deeded his property to the City through the FEMA flood buyout program. There was an error made in the title description during this buyout and now Connie Vance is having problems selling her property.

Gray said that in order to clear up the problem the city can issue a “quick claim” deed to Mrs. Vance so that she can sell the property. Grey then asked the council for approval to do so and it was granted.

Mr. Clifton Trentham visited the meeting to express concern over an August 20th, 2008 Banner Press article in which Mayor “Bat” Masterson was quoted as saying that the city had been left with a mess to deal with in regards to the city’s sewer system.

Mr. Trentham stated that he installed most of the city’s sewer lines and felt that the mayor was referring to him in the previously cited statement.

The mayor and the city council assured Mr. Trentham that no one was questioning his work, and I stated that nothing lasts forever, and the mayor stated that the system is just getting old.

Assistant City Administrator Gary Shrum in his report stated that Boy-Com communications, which provides the city’s cable television services is refusing to pay franchise fee taxes, and the communications company is currently being sued by the City of Piedmont.

Shrum also stated that the city still does not have a collector’s deed for the old Webb Property.

He also stated that Crossroads Communciations has not paid rent and installation fees on any of their sites in Bollinger County. Cross Roads has a cell / wireless internet tower located at the #1 water tower in Marble Hill.

I asked Mr. Shrum when the residents along Central Ave. could expect work to begin on the stormwater drain project and he stated that he is still waiting on SMTP to mark the utility and gas lines before they begin.

Included in Mr. Shrums  report was the following information:

“I would like to call to your attention that Debi Ivey was quoted in the Banner PRess as saying that the new veteran’s memorial will be erected in Twin City Park. As far as I know neither I nor the Board was ever contacted in regards to this matter. I personally, am completely against this taking place. I can not see erecting such an expensive and important memorial in any park, it should be located right behind City Hall. If it were placed there many people will see it as they pass through town, it is a more secure location, and there is adequate space and the pavilion is there and the bathrooms can easily be finished and made handicap accessible”

In the meeting, Shrum went on to state, “Charles Freeman is trying to build a nice veterans memorial, why do we need the same names in two different locations in town?”

Mr. Shrum clairified that the proposal by Mrs. Ivey was not related to the work being done by the Bollinger County Veterans’ Memorial project, and that he was afraid any such project located at Twin Cities Park would suffer from flooding.

The Council also approved Amendment #7 which authorizes the City to spend $11, 500 for engineering services for the Hurricane Creek Bank Stabilization Project.

A revisiting of the Utility Vehicle ordinance was discussed since the State passed legislation legalizing the use of “utility vehicles” on state highways.

Also discussed was the need for more police patrols in residential areas, specifically Crown and Third streets.

I brought to the Board’s attention that we still have some bad potholes that needed to be fixed on Englehart St.

Last but not least, I thanked the Board for finally getting Mr. Bob Spencer’s culvert cleaned out.

Clint E. Lacy

Alderman, Ward I

Marble Hill

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One Response to “Notes from October 13th, 2008 Board of Alderman Meeting”

  1. Mary Says:


    Wouldn’t it be great if the Banner Press would publish the agendas of upcoming council meetings, and then publish what transpired at those meetings? As far as I know, neither of these things are done, at least not consistently.

    I found out about the change in the Fall Clean Up program by reading a flier posted in a restaurant — over a week after it ended. This sort of thing should definitely have been put in the paper, but no one I’ve talked to saw anything about it there.

    It might be time for a little more ‘openness’ in Marble Hill’s city government.

    Thanks for all you have tried to do to help the citizens of this town.


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