Marble Hill to Reconsider Utility Vehicles…

From the September 4th, 2008 Southeast Missourian Newspaper…

“Marble Hill to reconsider alternative vehicle ordinance

Thursday, September 4, 2008

On Aug. 28, a state law went into effect offering a cleaner definition of the term “utility vehicle,” and cleared any motorized vehicle manufactured and used exclusively for off-highway use, 63 inches or less wide, with a dry weight of 1,850 pounds or less, with four or six wheels, for use on state highways under “certain circumstances.”

The ordinance was discussed at a city council meeting Aug. 11, and an early draft would allow residents to license golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, four-wheelers and other motorized vehicles for the cost of $15 a license.

At a later meeting, however, council members opted to table the ordinance until specific requirements were outlined by the new state law, said Carolyn Surface, city clerk.

The state legislation was already in the works to address some of the same questions council members asked about the equipment guidelines for the licensing.

The council decided to wait until those matters were decided by the state law and revisit the ordinance later, Surface said.

Now that the law has been made official, city attorney Stephen Gray said the council has the option of taking a second look at the ordinance.

“It will be up to them whether they want to bring it up again,” Gray said.

Other matters discussed at the Aug. 11 meeting included whether the city’s ordinance would contain specific language requiring proof of insurance or use of turn signals to license a utility vehicle.

Previously, the state law forbid such vehicles on streets and highways unless they were used for government or agricultural use, but allowed a city or county to issue special permits authorizing use within that jurisdiction.

Gray said previously that he believes the ordinance targets both taxpayers concerned about the rising costs of gasoline and people who, having invested several thousand dollars in the purchase and maintenance of utility vehicles, wish to drive them in town.

335-6611, extension 245″

I plan on bringing this issue up at the October 13th, 2008 City Council Meeting. I know this might be another “touchy” issue, but I don’t see the harm in it PROVIDED SAFETY MEASURES ARE PUT  INTO THE ORDINANCE  , such as slow moving vehicle signs or flags, as well as break lights signals, along with a city permit that shows the vehicle has been inspected by one of our police officers.

Who knows, if they become popular enough perhaps it would inspire a local entrepreneur to open a utility vehicle or golf cart dealer ship?

I’m always looking for ways to help the citizens and stimulate businesses.

I appreciate your views on this subject, so please feel free to email me at:

Thank You,

Clint E. Lacy

Alderman, Ward I

Marble Hill


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