What the ??? !!!

I never really paid attention to the spelling at Kelly’s Korner Kupboard, a salvage grocery store in Marble Hill until this morning.

Kelly’s moved to a new location in town a couple of months ago, but the building that used to house the store, still carries its name.

I was returning from Cape Girardeau this afternoon and noticed that “certain letters” of the store name had been high-lighted. I’m guessing it took place sometime late last night or early this morning.

I called City Hall and asked the employee that answered who owned the property and then asked if they had driven past it today.

“Yes” the employee answered and then asked, “why?”

I stated that there might be a problem and asked, “You didn’t notice that the “K’s” had been highlighted in white?”

The employee stated that they would contact the police A.S.A.P.

I’m guessing they must have contacted the property owner A.S.A.P. as well, for within an hour of contacting City Hall, the “K’s” had been painted over to match the other letters.

In fact, apparently when I snapped this picture, workers were already preparing to “un do” the vandalism, (note the ladder by the store awning).

What amazes me is that no one else noticed the work of last night’s artist (s?).  At least I can say that this is one problem the city worked quickly to resolve!

Clint E. Lacy

Alderman Ward I

Marble Hill, Missouri

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