Lacy Cares for Marble Hill

From the Sunday August 17th, 2008 Southeast Missourian Newspaper…

“Lacy cares for Marble Hill

Sunday, August 17, 2008


To the editor:

In response to the story “Marble Hill officials disagree over paving, copier during heated council meeting”: Unlike others, Alderman Clint Lacy is going to do what’s right for the city.

The people of Marble Hill made a wise choice when they elected him. Mr. Lacy will continue to ask the hard questions and no doubt ruffle a few feathers. However, as long as he is on the board of aldermen you can rest assured Marble Hill has one person who is looking out for Marble Hill. I know him well.

PAUL GARRISON, Lake Ozark, Mo. “

Admittedly, Paul is a good friend, and I thank him for the confidence, never the less, he is correct, I do care about Marble Hill and I am doing everything within my power to make things better.

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One Response to “Lacy Cares for Marble Hill”

  1. D. Brown Says:

    Thank you Clint for your standing for the people. For to long the city has been allowed to die a slow death due to present and former leaders. As long as you were a yes person and caused no problems with asking questions you could be part of the leaders.
    I’m proud to know that someone is not sitting back and letting the hard questions go unanswered. Please, continue to be a strong defender of the town. We need more that would step up and do the same.

    One way to save money would be to do away with jobs that are filled with those who want to do nothing for the town and continue to receive there pay! Thanks also to the mayor for doing a job he receives no pay for!

    For all those that want to shout and yell at me. Please fill free to do so. I hope that the mayor and others will take back control of this city and work hard to expose waste that for years have been covered up from the people.

    Good luck!

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