A Notice to the Citizens of Marble Hill, Missouri

The following article appeared in the Banner Press Newspaper’s Wed. August 13th, 2008…

“To the Citizens of Marble Hill, Missouri:

On Monday August 18th, a public hearing will be held at City Hall regarding tax rates and water rates.
The notices I received state (in part)that:
“A Public Hearing will be held on Monday, August 18,2008 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall Marble Hill, Missouri. At this time, citizens may be heard on property tax rates proposed to be set  by the City of Marble Hill
“Whereareas the Board of Aldermen of the City of Marble Hill, Missouri , have received a rate study for water and wastewater to determine what needs to be charged to the City of Marble Hill’s customers in order for the respective departments to maintain a steady balance in the accounts. Over the years the water and wastewater legers have been decreasing and the City of Marble Hill needs to make certain that these accounts have the proper funding in place to operate, maintain and make improvements to the systems”
According to the study conducted by Smith and Company Engineers of Cape Girardeau Missouri , which recommends that the base water fee of 2500 gallons be raised from $9.18 to $16.75.
Smith and Company also recommends that the base waste water fee of 2500 gallons be raised from $9.09 to $18.50.
In short Smith and Company recommends that the City of Marble Hill, nearly double your water and sewer fees.
It was recommended that the Board of Aldermen lower its minimum rate structure to “minimize the impact to lower income citizens on a fixed income”.
” a Public Hearing is set for the purpose of receiving any comments concerning the increased rates for water and wastewater. Said Public Hearing is to be held at City Hall at 302 Union Street on Monday, August 18,2008 at 6:30 pm”
There are two schools of thought that these issues can be approached by. Regarding property tax rates:
Choice “A”: The City is losing income and we needs to increase our tax base by raising property taxes.
Choice “B”: Raising the City’s property taxes will drive more potential and existing home owners and businesses away from Marble Hill, by keeping the rates low, our area will be more attractive to future residents and businesses.
Regarding Water and Sewer rates:
Choice “A”  Raising Water and Sewer rates will help the city to better maintain a “steady” balance on its accounts and help the city maintain an aging infrastructure.
Choice “B”  The city’s Water and Sewer systems have been neglected for years, and if previous City Councils had not neglected them, our infrastructure would not be in the shape that it is today. The city should first aggressively pursue all grants and resources available to replace our aging water and sewer systems, before doubling water and sewer rates.
As an alderman, I can not tell you to attend these meetings, or for that matter tell you what you should say to the council, what I can do is give you my opinion on the situation.
I believe our property tax rates should remain as they are. Compared to other communities, our property taxes are low, in short, they are the only thing we have going for us, in terms of attracting new business and residents.
I believe that our citizens deserve better than what they have been receiving. I believe we should do everything within our power to try and capture some of the grant money that is floating around out there, if we don’t, another city will.  I feel we should not ask our residents to willingly pay double their existing water and sewer rates and get nothing in return for it.
I have asked for help in filling out grants and cost estimates for grants, and quite frankly I am not getting much help in this regard. I am appealing to the public, if anyone in the surrounding community is knowledgeable enough to help me calculate the estimated cost to replace our water and sewer infrastructure please contact me at:
573-238-2266 or at my cell phone # which is: 573-450-0276 , you can also reach me by email at: clintlacy2@yahoo.com
When I ran for office it was on a simple platform of open government and Jeffersonian principles, remember you the citizens elect your city government , which means , that you the citizens hold the power.
If these issues are important to you then please attend the meetings on August 18th, 2008 starting at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall and make sure that your voices are heard.
Clint E. Lacy
Ward I alderman
City of Marble Hill, Missouri”
I will put this as plainly as I possibly can… if you do not want your property taxes to increase and if you do not want your water and sewer rates to DOUBLE, then make every effort to be at City Hall on Monday August 18th, 2008 at 6:00 pm.
The only way we can fix our town, is to have our citizens come to the meetings and make their voices heard.

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